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The Austerism

The most sustainable way to live


Perhaps, I shouldn't call this way to live minimalism. Minimalism is the maximum reduction of belongings. 
I’d rather to call it "austerism”. Austerity and gratitude lead me to live with less. 
It's not about reducing to the maximum. It's about living with things that give me visual and inner peace... Perhaps the “austerism" is the new way of conceiving my life.

The concept of  "austerism" is simply based on austerity. It is the virtue through which we have learned to manage the resources we already have with common sense, social sense and foresight.

We begin to give things their proper value, a responsible care for the common good, because acquisition or consumption, decisions or acts we make go beyond immediate satisfaction. It has a meaning and a permanence. An intention. A previous reflection.

And its consequence is to experience inner peace.

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