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About me.

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My name is Loreto. For the Virgin of Loreto. I owe it to my father. Although it's a name I've never liked, it's at this point in my life that I'm beginning to get used to it.

I was born in Barcelona in 1981, the second of five siblings. From a Spanish mother and a Chilean father. I grew up between two worlds and became "stateless". Neither there nor there. We moved to Chile when I was 11 years old where I lived for fourteen years. My life in that far away and small country pushed me a desire to cross the borders and get there, where my soul would feel at home. 

I studied psychology because since I was a child I've had the will to help others and to solve other people's problems. Always trying to find solutions for everyone, having my focus on the human suffering and  wanting to change the world. 

A month before I finished my degree, I met the man who would change my life. I fell in love with a German and after a few weeks I found myself living in Hamburg. In this city I had my first eye-opening to a more conscious life. I learned to enjoy bicycle rides, the power of the sun, the awakening of spring, a good Italian coffee, the warmth of candles, the beautiful silence of Christmas, the openness of mind, the real respect for others and the love for things made with my own hands.

And in the meantime, I was a mother for the first time. Simply, that little person we call Mar, existed. And I was her mother. And thanks to her I discovered that I was good at being mother, so I repeated twice more.

I also felt, for the first time, the insurmountable fear of losing what you love most. It was the part of the motherhood that I hadn't been told. 

My husband had founded the first sustainable brand dedicated entirely to sea lovers, called Twothirds. Almost a decade later, three different cities and a long path of learning, our lives were filled with meaning. We were made for each other and our family goal was to introduce positive changes in people's day-to-day lives, through our commitment to the environment, sustainability, the education of our daughters based on love and respect, awareness of existing climate change and the need to change things for a better world, starting with ourselves.

So we left the big city, Barcelona, to live closer to nature. We abandon bad consumer habits to seek true happiness, focused on people and not on things. We donate a big part of our belongings in order to live with more austerity, based on quality over quantity, time, detachment and gratitude.

The road is not easy in a society that spins vertiginously and consumes without intention, and even much more difficult working in the fashion industry. But we believe that we can do things in a better way. At least, we try day by day to live more consciously to create the planet-home we want for our children. 

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