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Looking for the green, the calm and the appreciation.


The world has been designed to be lived naturally.  We live to co-exist with our environment, not to destroy it. The more organic we live, the more we experience this co-existence and the happier we are. Nature is a gift that has been given to us and we must know how to appreciate and care for it.

"One of our favorite places in Hamburg was the harbour. I was fascinated to see the silhouettes of the cranes working for the giant containers. I could imagine living between the canals and the brick houses and breathing in the exhaustion of a city that seemed to never rest. 

A few days ago we were there, looking at the containers of Hamburg Sud, their heavy blue and red metal constructions and the dense smoke from their chimneys that mixed with the clouds of the city. After several years without seeing it, it seemed to me a desolate picture. 

I felt great sorrow: passively, we were witnessing a natural disaster. How is it possible that I ever liked to see that? 

It relieves me so much to have had an awakening to nature and to return the hand for so much destruction. 

To lead a kind of sustainable life like the minimalism, responsible consumption, to choose time and quality over quantity, to stop consuming plastic and to find a way to reduce the garbage I generate... is a life choice that not only gives me satisfaction and moments of happiness, but also is the way to feel gratitude".

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